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Lootimus Live: Podcast #3: Zeolite Films + NX + Nintendo Console Upgrades?

August 1st, 2016

Join Lootimus and The Loot Crew as we discuss the Nintendo NX as well as Nintendo's newest patent that enables them to upgrade handheld and console hardware on the fly. Yes folks, expandable consoles past memory are going to be a thing. We also discuss some of our gaming shenanigans as well as layout some future Zeolite Studios Inc plans and announce our newest venture, Zeolite Films! 


Lootimus Live: Podcast #2: Pokemon GO GO GOOOOOOO with special guest Indie Developer Tom Tintel!

July 16th, 2016

Join the Loot Crew as we discuss super scum dog Pewdie Pie, Pokemon GO (LITERALLY ALL OF IT), The Nintendo Mini NES, Star Citizen, and the new Overwatch character, Ana. We also have a 3 on 1 conversation with our guest Tom Tintel about indie game development. He goes well into detail on how he got his start, coding languages, and his current work in progress first title! If you like the podcast, subscribe! 


Lootimus Live: Podcast #1: JoyShtick Food Truck with Evan Werthman

July 8th, 2016

Join Lootimus and The Loot Crew with our special guest for the week, Evan Werthman. In this episode we talk about the RX 480's bad habits, Pokemon GO, GOOGLE, possible Nintendo NX leaks, loads of Overwatch as well as Evan's new gaming based food truck, The JoyShtick Food Truck. Join us as we venture into gaming and food!